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What is Tron Game Center?

Tron Game Center is a collection of games with cryptocurrency rewards. Since 2019, the project has evolved into a gaming ecosystem with a blockchain-driven economy that rewards players with Tron and Ethereum based tokens. Lately, the platform focuses on bigger multiplayer games and recently released a First Person Shooter game for PC and Android where users can play against others in single-player and multiplayer modes to claim rewards.

Play and Earn

These games give you the opportunity to win different Tron and ETH based crypto currencies without any bets!

Weekly Prices

In each round your kills/headshots and your deaths are counted. On this basis a score will be calculated and you will be moved up in the weekly ranking.

Turnament Matches

Join the Telegram Channel to be up todate with high prize Tournament Matches, TDM, FFA or COF


Your Donation,
keeps the Server running.

You can donate any Tron Token, like TGCT/TGCD, TRX and BTT to this Adress:


"No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted"

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